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Hi, I’m John Bell, a Ward 3 Councillor for the last 4 years. I ran in 2018 because I felt I had some applicable skills, available time and energy, and a desire to help our community. I wanted to see better managed residential growth in Paris, support growth of our local economy, push for necessary infrastructure, maintain Paris’ charm, improve road safety, support residents in their interactions with County, and more.

Despite the impact of Covid there have been successes in this agenda – e.g. Cowan Community Health Hub, Rest Acres Road improvements, Brant Safe Street Strategy, new Official and Strategic Plans, many industrial and commercial growth projects – and I always try to respond quickly to resident calls although I can’t always guarantee the outcome is what residents are seeking. 

There remains much still to do e.g. implementing the downtown Paris Master plan, securing more affordable homes, stepping up Safe Streets Strategy actions, and through implementation of our new Official Plan continue to better manage growth. That’s why I’m running again. 

With 4 years experience as a Councillor, across all aspects of municipal government, my apprenticeship is served, and I believe I can be even more effective and impactful in a 2nd term.

To learn more go to:

Website is

I can be found on FB at John Bell – Candidate for Election for Councillor in Ward 3.

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