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Protect and create the tree canopy. Trees planted along new roads and subdivisions don’t necessarily promote the balance of the natural habitat so many have come to, or remain in Paris for. I will work to engage developers to work in conjunction with each other to piece natural habitats and walking trails along shared property lines so that once we’ve created our classic urban sprawl formula, at minimum we have connected trails and trees instead of hot spots where species are isolated within.

Road safety. There are a number of traffic calming solutions that still need to be addressed. We need to look at parallel parking downtown so cars don’t fly up onto the sidewalk which I’ve seen them do firsthand. There are sidewalks missing or ones that just stop. The subdivisions on the south end of Paris have no bike or sidewalk trail to get them downtown. It’s important to set the correct signage and solutions into place for the right reasons. And there’s that bypass road we seem to have forgotten! Let’s talk about that some more. Is it even possible? If so, when? Traffic downtown can be dangerous and many drivers ignore pedestrian safety. We need to repaint road lines not just murals.

Compost program. I’d like to see about adding a green bin to our waste management program.  We should be able to put compost out at the road, and in the spring purchase it as soil for our veggie and flower gardens. There’s no need to waste good organic matter and many don’t want a compost pile in their back yard.

Community veggie garden. So many want this! It’s an amazing opportunity to grow your own food locally, and it gets people out and about to mingle and share time together. 

The train whistle. We need to review its need. A few people I’ve spoken with sat it’s very difficult to live with. There is precedent set in another town nearby where they have silenced the horns of all trains at the crossroad. There are signs lights and gates to protect the public and it is effective. Let’s make it easier to live near to the tracks.

Most importantly Council needs someone who can speak clearly and with intent to make change for  certain topics, while protecting those that work. I’m not as interested in you liking me, as much as I’m interested in you liking the policies I support. The post Covid environment requires strong leadership not just a smile and a wave. I’d like to see our community continue to strive towards cohesion.

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