Tuesday, January 26, 2021


David Bailey is now our Mayor

As of December 3rd David Bailey is now our Mayor and he is ready for all the work a head of him. Here is an...

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Pollenize a site that has the summary of election topics

Do you still have no idea who you are going to vote for? Look at the topics on this site to choose...

#ThanksRonEddy Send your shout outs

What has Ron Eddy done for you or a memory of something that Ron has made in the County. We want to hear from you; ...

Thank you

Thank you Everyone for stopping by my website, Facebook Page and Twitter. I have learnt a lot relating to the election and what the County...

We are open to more discussion

During the election there was a Facebook group that brought up some great discussions and points for all candidates, but the group was small...

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